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Men Skin Care


Men Skin Care

Men Skincare: Everything you need to know to keep your skin healthy

It is a very poor excuse to not take care of the skin because you are a man. Everyone should look good, and gender should not prohibit someone to look good. Skincare products have barely reached the bathroom cabinets of the men. The skincare routine is not astrophysics or neurology. A skincare routine only includes different steps in the day that helps in cleansing your skin and makes it glow.

Everyone should gain from the effective men’s skincare routine. Following are some of the most important tips that will help you in developing the best skincare routine:

1. Exfoliate Two-Three Times per Week

The first step towards the perfect skincare routine is exfoliation. It helps in the removal of the dirt, dead skin cells, and the sebum. An exfoliating product works into your skin unblocks the clogged pores, cleanse the impurities, and solves other problems such as cystic spots and blackheads. For this reason, it is essential for maintaining skin health and prevents breakouts on the skin.

  • Types of Exfoliators

There are two types of exfoliators, which abrasive exfoliator and chemical exfoliator. The abrasive exfoliator is scrub, whereas the chemical exfoliator is toner. If your skin is too sensitive, you may choose to use the chemical exfoliate. The scrub is not suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Apply Two to Three Times

For twice or thrice a week, you may massage and scrub your face with an exfoliator and keep it all clean. 

2. Using the Cleanser Products

Cleansing is the most essential daily skincare routine step. Your skin gets exposed to the bacteria, dirt, or other impurities. All of this produces sebum on the surface of the face. Cleansing helps in removing the clogged pored as well as prevent the breakouts on the skin. After exfoliation, you must cleanse your face for 30 seconds and wash away. 

3. Application of the Serum

The serum is the small steps that leave long-lasting effects on the skin. The serums are small but powerful steps, which deliver extensive benefits to the user. If you apply the serum between moisturizing and cleansing, it will produce the most effective anti-blemish and anti-aging effects. You may only preferably use the 1 to 3 drops for the light coverage.

4. Hydrate Your Skin with the Moisturizer

Moisturizing is another most important step of the men's skincare routine. It keeps their skin clean and pure. Moisturizing firms the skin, provides essential nutrients and adequate level of moisture to the skin. Cleansing and exfoliating may result in the loss of moisture. So, a moisturizer brings a protective barrier on the skin and helps in bringing the most gorgeous and clear skin. It also guards against the bacteria that cause outbreaks. 


Every step would vary according to different seasons. The way your skin adapts to different weathers, you may adjust your skincare routine accordingly. Depending on the type of your skin, choose the products, and start putting efforts to make the skin clearer and even.

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