Zimco Cycle Wear – Active Triathlon Shorts for Men

Zimco Cycle Wear – Active Triathlon Shorts for Men

Zimco Cycle Wear – Active Triathlon Shorts for Men

Are you a triathlete looking for the perfect pair of shorts? Look no further than Zimco Cycle Wear’s Active Triathlon Shorts for Men. These shorts are designed with the needs of triathletes in mind, providing comfort, functionality, and style.

Key Features

1. Rear Pockets

The Zimco Active Triathlon Shorts for Men come with two rear pockets, allowing you to store your essentials during your race. Whether it’s energy gels, keys, or a small snack, these pockets provide convenient storage options without compromising your performance.

2. Comfortable Fit

These triathlon shorts are made from high-quality materials that offer a comfortable fit. The fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking, keeping you cool and dry throughout your race. The elastic waistband ensures a secure fit, while the flatlock seams prevent chafing and irritation.

3. Versatile Design

The versatile design of these shorts makes them suitable for various triathlon distances. Whether you’re participating in a sprint, Olympic, or Ironman triathlon, these shorts will provide the support and flexibility you need to perform your best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these shorts suitable for swimming?

A: Yes, the Zimco Active Triathlon Shorts for Men are designed to be worn during all three disciplines of a triathlon, including swimming. The quick-drying fabric ensures that you won’t be weighed down in the water.

Q: Can I wear these shorts for other sports?

A: Absolutely! While these shorts are specifically designed for triathlons, they can also be worn for other sports such as running or cycling. The comfortable fit and functional features make them a versatile choice for any athletic activity.


When it comes to triathlon shorts, the Zimco Active Triathlon Shorts for Men are a top choice. With their rear pockets, comfortable fit, and versatile design, these shorts will enhance your performance and make your triathlon experience more enjoyable. Shop now at Zimco Cycle Wear and take your triathlon training to the next level!