WOWGO Kids Digital Camera – 12MP Children’s Camera with Large Screen for Boys and Girls

WOWGO Kids Digital Camera – 12MP Children’s Camera with Large Screen for Boys and Girls

WOWGO Kids Digital Camera – 12MP Children’s Camera with Large Screen for Boys and Girls


The WOWGO Kids Digital Camera is the perfect gadget for your little ones to capture and cherish their precious moments. Designed specifically for boys and girls, this 12MP camera comes with a large screen and exciting features that will unleash their creativity.

Key Features

  • 12MP resolution for high-quality photos
  • Large screen for easy viewing and framing
  • 1080P video recording for capturing moving memories
  • Rechargeable battery for convenience
  • 32GB TF card included for ample storage

High-Quality Photos

The WOWGO Kids Digital Camera boasts a 12MP resolution, ensuring that your child’s photos are sharp and vibrant. Whether they are capturing their favorite toys, pets, or family moments, the camera will deliver stunning results that can be cherished for years to come.

Large Screen for Easy Viewing

With its large screen, this children’s camera allows your little ones to easily view and frame their shots. They can preview their photos and make adjustments before capturing the perfect image. The intuitive interface makes it simple for kids to navigate and explore their creativity.

1080P Video Recording

Not only can your child take beautiful photos, but they can also record precious moments in stunning 1080P resolution. Whether it’s their first steps, a dance performance, or a family vacation, the WOWGO Kids Digital Camera will capture every detail and preserve those memories forever.

Convenient and Rechargeable

No need to worry about constantly replacing batteries. The WOWGO Kids Digital Camera comes with a rechargeable battery, ensuring that your child can continue capturing memories without interruptions. Simply connect the camera to a power source and let it charge for endless fun.

Ample Storage

The camera includes a 32GB TF card, providing ample storage space for your child’s photos and videos. They can snap away without worrying about running out of memory. The TF card can be easily transferred to a computer or other devices for safekeeping and sharing.


The WOWGO Kids Digital Camera is a fantastic tool for encouraging your child’s creativity and capturing their special moments. With its high-quality photos, large screen, and 1080P video recording, this camera will provide endless hours of fun and memories. Get one for your little photographer today!