Triathlon Wetsuit – Men’s Synergy Endorphin Sleeveless Quick John

Triathlon Wetsuit – Men’s Synergy Endorphin Sleeveless Quick John

Triathlon Wetsuit – Men’s Synergy Endorphin Sleeveless Quick John


The Synergy Endorphin Quick John sleeveless wetsuit provides you with flexibility, flotation, and speed at an exceptional value. Designed and constructed for optimum balance between buoyancy and flexibility, it is perfect for all levels of ability, be it competing in triathlons or for open water recreational swimming.

Main Features

SyPrene SmoothSkin with Nano SCS Silicone

The Synergy Endorphin Quick John features SyPrene SmoothSkin treated with Nano SCS Silicone for added strength and super-low friction. The silicone-treated neoprene makes the suit non-porous, producing low friction for maximum glide.

AquaLift Panel

The AquaLift panel promotes superior flotation. AquaLift side panels wrap around the torso to create added buoyancy.

HiFlex Panels

The upper chest panels employ the greatest flexibility ever obtained in SmoothSkin neoprene, providing unrestricted range of motion.

Dual SmoothSkin Neck

The low-fitting, super flexible, and adjustable SmoothSkin Neck Enclosure eliminates chafing and is very comfortable. The neck panel is made from only 1mm thin SmoothSkin, creating a seal that is impenetrable and soft, thus alleviating problems created by other wetsuits such as chafing, general discomfort, reduced blood flow, and inflexibility. The back of the neckline utilizes a high-grade, non-abrasive aqua velcro to ensure maximum adjustability.

Internal Zipper

The wetsuit features an internal zipper for reduced drag and water penetration. The special inside lining absorbs far less water than is typical, keeping the suit light and allowing it to peel off easily in transition.


  • Suitable for all levels – Ironman & USAT approved
  • Proven technology equals superior performance
  • Exceptional functionality with full range of motion
  • Maximum buoyancy for cold waters
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed with a 30-day guarantee and 2-year warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes are available?

The Synergy Endorphin Quick John wetsuit comes in a wide range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit. Please refer to the size chart for choosing your correct size. If you are in between sizes, it is recommended to go up one size.

Is this wetsuit suitable for triathlons?

Yes, the Synergy Endorphin Quick John wetsuit is Ironman & USAT approved, making it suitable for triathlons.

What is the thickness of the wetsuit?

The wetsuit has a 5mm thick core buoyancy panel and 3mm legs and back.

Does the wetsuit have a comfortable neck design?

Yes, the wetsuit features a super soft low neck with smoothskin on both sides, providing a comfortable fit that feels like you hardly have anything around your neck.

Can I use this wetsuit in cold waters?

Yes, the 5mm wetsuit provides maximum buoyancy, which is allowed in triathlon wetsuits. It creates nearly double the buoyancy than 3mm suits, which are not recommended for cold waters. With this wetsuit, you can float higher, move faster, and save energy.


Experience the ultimate performance with the Synergy Endorphin Quick John sleeveless wetsuit. Designed for triathlons and open water swimming, this wetsuit offers superior buoyancy, flexibility, and speed. With its proven technology and exceptional functionality, it is suitable for all levels of ability. Buy now and take your swimming to the next level.

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