POWERTEC 71368 24-Inch Parallel Clamps for Woodworking

POWERTEC 71368 24-Inch Parallel Clamps for Woodworking

POWERTEC 71368 24-Inch Parallel Clamps for Woodworking


Introducing the 24 Inch Parallel Jaw Bar Clamp Set by POWERTEC. These premium bar clamps are designed to provide optimal clamping force at a parallel (90 degree) angle for many of your carpentry and woodworking applications. They are ideal for anyone requiring general purpose clamping of wood, glue up panels, tables or other material. Showcasing a durable lightweight design, these handy clamping tools possess highly impressive specs and an assortment of useful features.

Main Features

  • Ergonomic soft grip handles
  • Cold steel rail construction with snap on plastic protectors
  • Removable steel reinforced jaws for proper pressure distribution
  • 1,100 pound clamping force capacity
  • Removable end rail clip
  • Built-in clamp stand for one-handed usability
  • Quick adjustment sliding clamps with pressure release
  • Easy-to-convert 29 inch Spreader Tool


POWERTEC is a US based leading manufacturer of high quality woodworking machines, wood work accessories, and a wide assortment of OEM replacement parts. We are committed to exceeding expectations, while bringing the best innovations, technologies, and product development to the industry.

Product Details

  • Includes: (two) piece 24-inch parallel jaw Clamp set
  • Application: using a deep 3-3/4″ throat depth for optimized pressure distribution and a powerful clamping force of over 880lbs, these parallel jaw bar clamps will make your woodworking, furniture and table top glue-ups much easier
  • Premium design: Each clamp features an ergonomic soft grip handle, cold Steel rail, three removable jaw pads that are non-marring and possess Rapid action movement, and an easily convertible Clamp spreader tool
  • Versatility: Whether your project requires evenly applied clamping pressure, A secure locking system, or even the use of a quick bar clamp spreader – You’ll have a firm grip of it all with this convenient tool