Magura MDR-P Bicycle Brake Disc – Product Description

Magura MDR-P Bicycle Brake Disc – Product Description

Magura MDR-P Bicycle Brake Disc

Upgrade your bike’s braking performance with the Magura MDR-P Bicycle Brake Disc. Designed with E-Bikes in mind, this disc offers optimal stopping power and durability.

Key Features

Optimized for E-Bikes

The Magura MDR-P Brake Disc is specifically engineered to meet the demands of E-Bike riders. With its enhanced heat resistance and superior performance, it ensures reliable braking even under heavy loads.

180 mm Diameter

With a diameter of 180 mm, this brake disc provides ample surface area for efficient heat dissipation. This helps prevent brake fade and ensures consistent performance, even during long descents.

6-Hole Design

The 6-hole design of the Magura MDR-P Brake Disc offers easy installation and compatibility with a wide range of bike models. It provides a secure and stable connection between the disc and the hub, ensuring reliable braking performance.

6 Screws Included

To make installation hassle-free, the Magura MDR-P Brake Disc comes with 6 screws. These screws are specifically designed for optimal fit and durability, ensuring a secure attachment to your bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this brake disc compatible with my bike?

The Magura MDR-P Brake Disc is compatible with most bikes that have a 6-hole disc brake mount. However, we recommend checking your bike’s specifications or consulting with a professional bike mechanic to ensure compatibility.

2. Can I use this brake disc on a non-E-Bike?

Yes, the Magura MDR-P Brake Disc can be used on non-E-Bikes as well. While it is optimized for E-Bikes, it offers excellent braking performance on regular bikes too.

3. How often should I replace the brake disc?

The lifespan of a brake disc can vary depending on usage and riding conditions. It is recommended to inspect the disc regularly for signs of wear or damage. If you notice any significant wear or loss of performance, it is advisable to replace the brake disc.


The Magura MDR-P Bicycle Brake Disc is a high-quality and reliable choice for riders looking to upgrade their braking system. With its optimized design for E-Bikes, 180 mm diameter, and easy installation, it offers superior performance and durability. Whether you’re tackling steep descents or cruising on flat terrain, this brake disc will provide the stopping power you need for a safe and enjoyable ride.