MSR Reactor Camping Stove 17l grey 2017 camping cooker

MSR Reactor Camping Stove 1,7l grey 2017 camping cooker

MSR Reactor Camping Stove 1,7l grey 2017 camping cooker


The MSR Reactor Camping Stove is a state-of-the-art camping cooker that combines a high-efficiency stove and cookware into a compact and easy-to-use system. With its innovative design and unbeatable performance, this stove is perfect for all your outdoor adventures.

Main Features

  • Hard-anodized aluminum Reactor cookware
  • Proprietary heat exchanger for windproof design
  • Boils water for two and melts snow fast
  • Includes clear, BPA-free Strainer Lid and folding/locking handle
  • Integrated system for convenience
  • Unrivaled boil time
  • Unmatched wind protection
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Compact and self-contained

Unrivaled Boil Time

The MSR Reactor Camping Stove outperforms the competition with its unbeatable boil time. In head-to-head lab tests, it can boil 0.5 liters of water in just 1.5 minutes. This advantage is even greater in real-world conditions, making it the perfect stove for quick and efficient cooking.

Unmatched Wind Protection

One of the key features of the MSR Reactor Camping Stove is its windproof design. The heat exchanger completely encloses the radiant burner head, virtually eliminating the effects of wind. This ensures outstanding boil times and helps save fuel, even in windy conditions.

Maximum Efficiency

The MSR Reactor Camping Stove is designed for maximum efficiency. Its patent-pending radiant burner, heat exchanger, and internal pressure regulator work together to produce best-in-class, fuel-sipping efficiency in all conditions. This means you can cook more with less fuel, making it perfect for long camping trips.

Compact and Self-contained

The MSR Reactor Camping Stove is incredibly compact and self-contained. The stove and fuel can be easily stored inside the pot, making it convenient to carry and transport. This compact design is perfect for backpackers and campers who value space-saving solutions.

Experience the innovation and efficiency of the MSR Reactor Camping Stove on your next outdoor adventure. With its unbeatable performance and compact design, this stove will revolutionize your camping experience.