Kinderkraft Car Seat MYWAY (Black) – Maximum Safety for Young Travellers

Kinderkraft Car Seat MYWAY (Black) – Maximum Safety for Young Travellers

Kinderkraft Car Seat MYWAY (Black) – Maximum Safety for Young Travellers


The Kinderkraft Car Seat MYWAY (Black) is a high-quality car seat designed to provide maximum safety for young travellers. Suitable for children from birth to approximately 12 years old, this car seat offers dedicated safety systems and innovative features to ensure your child’s well-being during every journey.

Main Features

  • H-GUARD SYSTEM: The head restraint is reinforced with three layers, providing extra protection for the head and neck in the event of a side or rear impact.
  • SIDE PROTECT SYSTEM: The housing of the car seat is specially reinforced to absorb the force of the collision, ensuring greater safety in side-on collisions.
  • EASY GROW SYSTEM: The head restraint can be easily adjusted with one hand, allowing you to tailor the seat to your child’s needs (10 positions, 48-67 cm).
  • Rearward Facing Position (RWF): The MYWAY car seat can be used in the rearward facing position up to 18 kg, providing optimal safety for infants.
  • ISOFIX and TOP TETHER Systems: Equipped with the ISOFIX and TOP TETHER systems for easy and secure installation in your vehicle.
  • Five-Point Safety Harness: The adjustable five-point safety harness with soft pads and crotch cover ensures a comfortable and secure fit for your child.
  • Solid Design: The car seat’s solid design is confirmed by the certification of the European type-approval authority, ensuring its durability and reliability.

Safety and Testing

The Kinderkraft Car Seat MYWAY (Black) has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its safety. It has been tested by renowned institutes such as TASS INTERNATIONAL and INTERTEK, receiving positive safety reviews. The car seat features three indicators of correct installation, providing peace of mind for parents.

European Standards and Safe Car Seat Programme

All Kinderkraft car seats, including the MYWAY (Black), are designed in accordance with European technical requirements and comply with the European safety standard ECE R44.04. Additionally, Kinderkraft offers free membership in the Safe Car Seat Programme, allowing you to replace a car seat that has been in an accident with a new one, ensuring the ongoing safety of your child.

Experience the Kinderkraft Car Seat MYWAY (Black) – the perfect choice for maximum safety and comfort during every journey.