Homer Laughlin China: Guide to Shapes and Patterns

Homer Laughlin China: Guide to Shapes and Patterns

Homer Laughlin China: Guide to Shapes and Patterns


Welcome to the wonderful world of Homer Laughlin China! If you are a collector or simply fascinated by beautiful tableware, this guide is for you. In this comprehensive book, Darlene Nossaman takes you on a journey through the various shapes and patterns of Homer Laughlin China, providing valuable insights and information.

Chapter 1: The History of Homer Laughlin China

1.1 The Founding Years

Learn about the humble beginnings of Homer Laughlin China and how it grew to become one of the most renowned tableware manufacturers in the world.

1.2 Evolution of Shapes

Discover how the shapes of Homer Laughlin China have evolved over time, reflecting changing trends and styles.

1.3 The Influence of Patterns

Explore the various patterns that have graced Homer Laughlin China, from classic designs to bold and modern motifs.

Chapter 2: Collecting Homer Laughlin China

2.1 Identifying Authentic Pieces

Learn the key characteristics to look for when identifying genuine Homer Laughlin China pieces, ensuring that your collection is authentic.

2.2 Valuing Your Collection

Discover the factors that contribute to the value of Homer Laughlin China and how to assess the worth of your own collection.

2.3 Caring for Your China

Get expert tips on how to properly care for and preserve your Homer Laughlin China, ensuring its longevity and beauty.

Chapter 3: Frequently Asked Questions

3.1 What is the most valuable pattern of Homer Laughlin China?

The value of Homer Laughlin China patterns can vary depending on rarity and demand. Some highly sought-after patterns include the Fiesta line and the Eggshell Georgian.

3.2 How can I date my Homer Laughlin China?

There are several ways to date Homer Laughlin China, including examining backstamps, pattern codes, and specific manufacturing details. The book provides a detailed guide on how to determine the age of your pieces.

3.3 Where can I find Homer Laughlin China for sale?

Homer Laughlin China can be found in various places, including antique stores, online marketplaces, and specialized collectors’ events. The book offers recommendations on reputable sources for purchasing authentic pieces.


Homer Laughlin China: Guide to Shapes and Patterns is an indispensable resource for collectors and enthusiasts alike. With its wealth of information and stunning visuals, this book will deepen your appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship of Homer Laughlin China. Start your journey into the world of Homer Laughlin China today!

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