HARDELL Engraver – 5 Speed Etching Power Tool

HARDELL Engraver – 5 Speed Etching Power Tool

HARDELL Engraver – 5 Speed Etching Power Tool


The HARDELL Engraver is a lightweight and small power tool that allows you to etch and engrave various materials with ease. Whether you’re working on DIY crafts or professional projects, this engraver is designed to meet your needs. With its soft rubber handle and tungsten carbide steel bits, it offers comfort, control, and precision. Let’s explore the features and specifications of this versatile tool.


Rubber Design Handle

The handle of the HARDELL Engraver is covered with soft rubber, providing a comfortable grip and preventing blisters even during long hours of use.

LED Light

This engraver is equipped with an LED light, making etching and engraving tasks more convenient, especially in areas with low lighting.

Equipped with Stencils

The HARDELL Engraver comes with stencils and a letter tracing guide, allowing you to create precise and intricate designs effortlessly.

Variable Speed Tool

With 5 different speed settings, ranging up to 6000 strokes per minute, you can adjust the engraver’s speed to match your specific requirements for different materials and projects.


Using the HARDELL Engraver is simple. Just use the hex tool to loosen the tip screw, insert the desired tip, and retighten the screw to hold it in place. Give the tip a gentle tug to ensure it stays securely in place. The ergonomic pen-like design provides ultimate control, precision, and comfort.


The HARDELL Engraver is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Tile
  • Metal (not for hardened steel)
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Leather
  • Glass
  • PVC Pipe
  • DIY Crafts


  • 5-Speed
  • Strokes: 6000 strokes/min
  • Color: Orange and Black
  • Tool Weight: 0.5kg
  • Tool Size: 5.5*16CM

Package Contents

  • 1 x Box
  • 1 x Engraver
  • 3 x Pointed precision steel grout removal tool
  • 1 x Hex key
  • 1 x Template
  • 1 x Instruction manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the HARDELL Engraver suitable for professional use?

A: Yes, the HARDELL Engraver is suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Its versatility and precision make it a valuable tool for various projects.

Q: Can I use the engraver on hardened steel?

A: No, the HARDELL Engraver is not recommended for use on hardened steel. It is more suitable for materials like tile, metal, stone, wood, leather, glass, and PVC pipe.

Q: Is the engraver portable?

A: Yes, the HARDELL Engraver is lightweight and designed with a comfortable pen-size grip, making it easy to carry and use anywhere you want.


The HARDELL Engraver is a versatile and portable power tool that allows you to etch and engrave various materials with precision and ease. Its soft rubber handle, variable speed settings, and LED light make it a convenient and comfortable tool to use. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional, this engraver is a valuable addition to your toolkit. Get creative and personalize your projects with the HARDELL Engraver.