Grohe Bau Ceramic Wall Hung Wc

Grohe Bau Ceramic Wall Hung Wc

Grohe Bau Ceramic Wall Hung Wc

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The WC incorporates rimless technology and comes in smooth Alpine White vitreous china, giving bacteria no chance to flourish while promising low maintenance and more efficient flushing.

Timeless Style Meets Low-Maintenance Design

The GROHE Bau Ceramic wall-hung WC combines timeless style with a low-maintenance, rimless design. Its sleek and modern appearance adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom. The rimless technology ensures that bacteria have no chance to flourish, making it easier to keep the WC clean and hygienic. With its efficient flushing system, you can save water without compromising on performance.

Perfect Match with GROHE Bauline Taps

GROHE Bau Ceramics are designed to perfectly match with GROHE Bauline taps, creating a cohesive look and improved functionality. The combination of GROHE Bau Ceramic WC and GROHE Bauline taps will elevate the style and functionality of your bathroom.

Backed by GROHE’s Expertise

GROHE ceramics are backed by GROHE’s global expertise in sanitary fittings. With over 100 years of technical prowess from LIXIL, the leading brand in surface technology, you can trust the quality and durability of GROHE Bau Ceramic wall-hung WC.

Ideal for Combining with GROHE Bau Ceramic WC Seat

The GROHE Bau Ceramic wall-hung WC is ideal for combining with the GROHE Bau Ceramic WC seat. The WC seat features quick release action, making it easy to clean. You can also choose the WC seat with quick release action and SoftClose feature for added convenience and comfort.

  • Rimless technology for improved hygiene
  • Smooth Alpine White vitreous china
  • Low maintenance and efficient flushing
  • Perfect match with GROHE Bauline taps
  • Backed by GROHE’s expertise in sanitary fittings
  • Ideal for combining with GROHE Bau Ceramic WC seat
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is the WC seat included?
  2. No, the WC seat is not included. You can purchase the GROHE Bau Ceramic WC seat separately.

  3. Can I install the WC myself?
  4. It is recommended to hire a professional plumber for the installation of the wall-hung WC to ensure proper installation and functionality.

In conclusion, the GROHE Bau Ceramic wall-hung WC offers a timeless style, low-maintenance design, and improved hygiene. With its rimless technology and efficient flushing system, it provides a clean and hygienic solution for your bathroom. Combined with GROHE Bauline taps and GROHE Bau Ceramic WC seat, you can create a cohesive look and enhanced functionality. Trust in GROHE’s expertise and choose the GROHE Bau Ceramic wall-hung WC for your bathroom.