Grodan Wrapped Mini Blocks – Product Description

Grodan Wrapped Mini Blocks – Product Description

Grodan Wrapped Mini Blocks

Are you looking for the perfect solution to start your seeds or cuttings? Look no further than the Grodan Wrapped Mini Blocks! This pack of 24 blocks measuring 2″ x 2″ x 1.5″ is designed to provide optimal root development and ensure the success of your plants.

Key Features

These mini blocks offer several key features that make them the ideal choice for any gardener:

1. Superior Root Development

The Grodan Wrapped Mini Blocks are made from high-quality stone wool, which provides excellent air-to-water ratio and promotes healthy root growth. The blocks are wrapped in a thin plastic film that retains moisture and creates the perfect environment for root development.

2. Easy to Use

Each block is individually wrapped, making it easy to handle and transplant. The compact size of the blocks allows for efficient use of space, making them suitable for both small-scale and commercial growers.

3. Versatile

Whether you are starting seeds or propagating cuttings, these mini blocks are versatile enough to accommodate both. The blocks can be easily separated, allowing you to transplant your seedlings or cuttings without causing any damage to the roots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do the mini blocks retain moisture?

A: The plastic film wrapped around the blocks helps retain moisture, ensuring that your plants have a constant water supply. However, it is still important to monitor the moisture levels and water accordingly.

Q: Can I reuse the mini blocks?

A: While it is possible to reuse the mini blocks, it is recommended to use fresh blocks for each new batch of seeds or cuttings. This ensures a clean and disease-free environment for your plants.

Q: Are the mini blocks suitable for hydroponic systems?

A: Yes, the Grodan Wrapped Mini Blocks are compatible with hydroponic systems. Their excellent water retention and air circulation properties make them an excellent choice for hydroponic gardening.


The Grodan Wrapped Mini Blocks are the perfect solution for starting seeds or cuttings. With their superior root development capabilities, ease of use, and versatility, these mini blocks are a must-have for any gardener. Give your plants the best start possible with the Grodan Wrapped Mini Blocks!