Fantastic Humming Cow with Projection Voice Touch Interactive Educational Doll

Fantastic Humming Cow with Projection Voice Touch Interactive Educational Doll

Fantastic Humming Cow with Projection Voice Touch Interactive Educational Doll


Humming Cow is an all-in-one, rich and fun game that helps babies understand things comprehensively to ensure their healthy, creative, and happy growth. We combine valuable insight with user-friendly design to develop fun toys.

Fun Interaction

  • “Pull the ears”: Squeeze the ears of the humming cow and it will struggle and make 4 kinds of mercy speeches.
  • “Tail Pull Interaction”: Pull the tail and the Humming Cow will move forward and make 3 interactive voices.
  • “Touch the forehead to interact”: Touch the forehead and the humming cow will stop crawling and start telling a children’s story.
  • “Pacifier Interaction”: Pull out the pacifier of the humming cow, imitate the baby’s speech, and step back cutely at the same time to cultivate the baby’s good sense of civilization and friendliness.
  • “Touch the belly to interact”: Touch the belly (both sides) of the Humming Cow and it will make a funny voice or a Humming Cow story.

Product Details

  • Product size: 6.7*4.7*8.6 inches.
  • Adjustable volume: protect your hearing.
  • Set list:
    1. Humming Cow 1PCS
    2. Manual 1PCS
    3. USB charging cable 1PCS
  • Notice: Not washable, just wipe with a damp towel.


  • A variety of fun function modes: This humming cow can learn tongue, tell stories, voice-activated wake-up, colorful projection, teether pacifier, touch sensing, nursery rhyme, learn to crawl, soothe the cradle music so that your baby will never tire of playing.
  • Encourage the baby’s movement and language development: pull the ear and hum, the cow will struggle and make four kinds of begging voices, pull the tail and it will move forward and make three interactive voices; touch the head, it will stop walking and start telling stories; unplug it The pacifier turns over and imitates the baby’s speech and moves back cutely; touch the belly or the sides of the body, it will make funny voices and tell stories.
  • Good helpers for parents: soothing and coaxing sleep; light projection; turning the humming cow over to bring you four quiet serenades; a soft light for the baby to drive away the darkness, and more for company.
  • Superior Child Quality and Safety: Durable, shatter-resistant ABS plastic material ensures that the Humming Cow has long-lasting performance and structure, and its rounded appearance ensures safe handling; it helps your baby exercise grip and trains your baby’s five fingers to be flexible, differentiated, and powerful.
  • Good design: This humming cow comes with full of charming colors with multiple touch sensors built-in so your kids will learn colors and have fun! Perfect entertainment for birthday parties, festivals, and holidays; great gift toy for boys and girls, babies and toddlers on birthdays or holidays.