DieselTRONIC (Dual Channel) for Toyota Innova Intercooler

DieselTRONIC (Dual Channel) for Toyota Innova Intercooler


The DieselTRONIC is a revolutionary engine control unit (ECU) designed specifically for vehicles powered by common rail diesel (CRDI) engines. This performance and economy enhancing Diesel Tuning Box is manufactured with automotive grade electronics and incorporates patented technologies and advanced enhancements. With its Adaptive-Self Learning (ADSL) feature, the DieselTRONIC understands your driving style and adapts the engine maps accordingly, delivering optimal performance and efficiency.

Main Features

The DieselTRONIC (Dual Channel) unit offers the following key features:

1. Turbo Boost Control

In addition to fueling, the Dual Channel unit also controls the turbo boost. This ensures that your engine delivers optimum performance dynamically, providing you with an exhilarating driving experience.

2. Switchable Maps

The DieselTRONIC comes with four different maps that can be easily switched using the remote control. These maps include:

a. Stock Map Mode

This mode works just like the original ECU, providing a balanced performance.

b. Economy Map

The Economy map increases mileage by up to 40%, enhances engine smoothness, and reduces turbo spike. It also delivers a more linear power delivery, making your drive more efficient and comfortable.

c. Power & Increased Mileage (P1 Mode)

This mode increases mileage by up to 25% and power and torque by up to 15%. It helps you shift gears early, optimizing fuel consumption and providing a boost in performance when needed.

d. Higher Power (P2 Mode)

The Higher Power mode increases power and torque off-peak by up to 40% and peak by up to 30%. This mode is perfect for those who crave maximum power and performance from their vehicle.

3. Plug & Play Installation

The DieselTRONIC is designed for easy installation. It is a plug and play system, which means you can install it yourself without any technical expertise. Simply connect the unit to your vehicle’s ECU and start enjoying the benefits immediately.

4. Water Resistant

The DieselTRONIC is built to withstand various weather conditions. Its water-resistant design ensures that it remains functional even in wet and humid environments.

5. Fuel and Turbo Control

With the DieselTRONIC, you have full control over your fuel and turbo settings. This allows you to fine-tune your vehicle’s performance according to your preferences and driving conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about the DieselTRONIC:

Q: Is the DieselTRONIC compatible with my Toyota Innova Intercooler?

A: Yes, the DieselTRONIC is specifically designed for the Toyota Innova Intercooler with a common rail diesel engine.

Q: Will installing the DieselTRONIC void my vehicle’s warranty?

A: No, the DieselTRONIC is a non-intrusive device that does not tamper with your vehicle’s original ECU. Therefore, it does not void your warranty.

Q: Can I switch between different maps while driving?

A: Yes, the DieselTRONIC comes with a remote control that allows you to switch between maps on the fly, without the need to stop or restart your vehicle.

Q: Is the DieselTRONIC difficult to install?

A: Not at all. The DieselTRONIC is designed for easy installation. It comes with detailed instructions, and you can install it yourself without any technical expertise.


The DieselTRONIC (Dual Channel) is a game-changer in the world of engine control units. With its advanced features, switchable maps, and easy installation, it offers unparalleled performance and efficiency for your Toyota Innova Intercooler. Experience the power, economy, and control that the DieselTRONIC brings to your driving experience. Upgrade your vehicle today and unleash its true potential.