Cardinal Slant-D 3-Ring Reference Binders

Cardinal Slant-D 3-Ring Reference Binders


The Cardinal Slant-D 3-Ring Reference Binders are the perfect solution for organizing and storing important documents. With their unique slanted D-ring design, these binders offer easy access to your papers and ensure that they stay securely in place. Whether you need to keep track of business reports, school assignments, or personal files, these binders are a must-have.


1. Slanted D-ring design

The slanted D-ring design of these binders allows for smooth page turning and prevents pages from getting caught or wrinkled. It also provides a larger capacity compared to traditional round rings, allowing you to store more documents in a single binder.

2. Durable construction

Made from high-quality materials, these binders are built to last. The sturdy covers and reinforced spine ensure that your documents are protected from damage, even with frequent use. You can trust these binders to keep your important papers safe and secure.

3. Clear overlay

The binders feature a clear overlay on the front, back, and spine, allowing you to customize them with your own cover page, title, or logo. This makes it easy to identify the contents of each binder and adds a professional touch to your organization.

4. Multiple sizes and colors

Available in various sizes and colors, these binders offer flexibility to suit your specific needs. Whether you prefer a compact binder for on-the-go use or a larger one for storing bulkier documents, there is a size that fits your requirements. The range of colors also allows for easy color-coding and organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I add or remove pages easily?

A: Yes, the Cardinal Slant-D 3-Ring Reference Binders feature easy-open rings that allow for effortless page insertion and removal. You can add or rearrange pages as needed without any hassle.

Q: Are these binders suitable for heavy-duty use?

A: Absolutely! These binders are designed to withstand heavy use and are perfect for organizing large volumes of documents. The durable construction ensures that they can handle the demands of busy offices, classrooms, or personal use.

Q: Can I store other items besides paper in these binders?

A: While these binders are primarily designed for paper documents, they can also accommodate other flat items such as CDs, DVDs, or business cards. The slanted D-ring design allows for easy insertion and retrieval of these additional items.


The Cardinal Slant-D 3-Ring Reference Binders are the ultimate solution for keeping your important documents organized and easily accessible. With their unique slanted D-ring design, durable construction, and customizable covers, these binders offer both functionality and style. Invest in these binders today and experience the convenience of a well-organized workspace.