Anti-Gravity Kangaroo Jumps Shoes – The Ultimate Fitness Footwear

Anti-Gravity Kangaroo Jumps Shoes – The Ultimate Fitness Footwear

Anti-Gravity Kangaroo Jumps Shoes – The Ultimate Fitness Footwear


Bounce shoes integrate entertainment, fitness, and fashion. Using the principle of bionics, imitating the kangaroo’s legs, it can produce strong elasticity and push the athlete to jump higher. Especially children’s “bouncing shoes”, it can help children improve their self-confidence and confidence during exercise, exercise bone development during growth, better prevent joint problems, and enjoy amazing height and speed.

Product Details


TPU, TPR + mesh



Heel Type


Color Options

  • Black red
  • Black blue
  • Gray red
  • Gray blue
  • Rose red

Size Options

  • 30/32
  • 33/35
  • 36/38
  • 39/41
  • 42/44


1 pair shoes + Instructions


  1. Due to different measurement methods, there may be a measurement error of 1-2cm.
  2. Color difference may occur due to different monitors.


High-Quality Materials

The shell of the spring plate uses high-class TPU material, providing stable support and protection. It has excellent load-bearing, anti-impact, and shock absorption properties, protecting your feet and ensuring durability.

Easy and Effective Shoe Buckle

The shoe buckle is made of modified TPU material, which can be adjusted according to different feet sizes. It is easy to fasten and ensures a secure fit without the risk of hurting your hands. It is also safe for kids to use.

Durable and Flexible Baseboard

The baseboard is made of TPR material, offering good flexibility, anti-skid, and wear resistance. It provides maximum stability and control force when moving, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience.

Health Benefits

The Anti-Gravity Kangaroo Jumps Shoes can bear the weight of a normal human and improve blood circulation. They help strengthen joints and bones, promoting overall health and well-being. The lining is made of imported cotton mesh fabric, which is soft, cozy, breathable, and has anti-bacterial, sweat absorption, and odor prevention properties.

Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor Sports

These shoes are not only perfect for water sports like water parks, water aerobics, surfing, beach volleyball, and swimming but also suitable for activities like pilates, weight training, wakeboarding, sailing, boating, kayaking, windsurfing, cycling, and snorkeling. They are also great for casual walking in normal times and can be used in the gym or health club.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these shoes suitable for children?

Yes, these shoes are especially designed for children and can help improve their self-confidence and bone development during growth.

2. Can these shoes prevent joint problems?

Yes, the Anti-Gravity Kangaroo Jumps Shoes provide strong elasticity and support, which can help prevent joint problems and improve overall joint health.

3. Are these shoes comfortable to wear?

Yes, the shoes are made of high-quality materials and have a soft and breathable lining, ensuring comfort even during intense physical activities.

4. Can these shoes be used for water sports?

Yes, these shoes are suitable for water sports like water parks, water aerobics, surfing, and swimming. They are designed to be water-resistant and provide excellent grip.

5. What sizes are available?

The Anti-Gravity Kangaroo Jumps Shoes are available in sizes ranging from 30/32 to 42/44. Please refer to the size chart for the perfect fit.

Experience the ultimate fitness footwear with Anti-Gravity Kangaroo Jumps Shoes. Get ready to jump higher, improve your fitness, and enjoy amazing height and speed. Order your pair today!